Our Team

Marketing Team

Our marketing team has extensive knowledge and experience in both marketing and the floral industry. Their floral background plays a key role in developing a specific program to meet your floral needs in both design and packaging, and in giving you a competitive edge in today´s market.

The team actively evaluates the market; we are adapting and expanding to new forms or marketing across multiple social and technological platforms. Our dynamic ideas positions our company ahead of the competition.

Sales Team

Our sales team are floral industry career professionals specializing in developing individualized floral programs for our customers, with a focus on high quality products and service.

The team´s product knowledge fused with the habit of following through with promises strengthen our ability to build goodwill and longevity. Our goal is to partner with our customers to maximize their selling potential and build professional relationships based on trust, accessibility and knowledge in the floral industry.

Procurement Team

Our procurement team follows strict standards and principles based on best practices and sustainability in the floral farming industry. As we source out, evaluate, and work with various farms, following strict regularization guidelines ultimately. Supports our strategic development and encourages continuous self-assessment. It is the application of high quality standards that gives InBloom Group a competitive edge in the market.

Quality Control Team

Our quality control department is directed by field agronomists committed to the development of agriculture supported by science, environmental and human standards.

We serve our farms by offering harvest and post-harvest guidelines that ensures optimal conditions and hydration processing of each product. Our team of agronomists perform daily onsite quality evaluations to ensure our product specifications are being met.

Logistics Team

InBloom Group’s logistic team implements cold chain logistics throughout its export, import and distribution processes. Temperature and humidity controlled facilities and transportation modes are imperative to diminishing the damaging effects caused by shipping, as well as to increasing the ’shelf life’ of the flowers.

Cold chain logistics allows for ideal conditions during the storage and transport stages of all our floral orders, and lets us offer the unique service of shipping fresh flowers directly to their final destination.

Customer Service

InBloom Group’s customer service team is based in Doral, Florida.Our Agents have access to all facets of an order, and can convey up-to-date information in a timely manner as requested.

We are experienced providing support and assisting with all aspects of the ordering Process:

  • Providing transport tracking information.

  • Imparting quick resolutions for any issues that may arise

  • Ensuring quality of product and customer satisfaction.

About Us

InBloom Group is a farm direct distributor and e-commerce supplier of fresh cut, bulk flowers as well as pre-made bouquets and consumer bunches.


Care and Handling

Your flowers have been shipped dry from farms in South America and may appear wilted. This is natural, for they have been without water for 24 hours and are very thirsty.



It is vital to our industry to align ourselves with farms that have been certified by Fairtrade, Flor Verde and the Rainforest Alliance.