We strive to establish, nourish and maintain long term business relationships with our customers based on loyalty and confidence in our products and service.

Our years of experience supplying fresh cut flowers, directly or indirectly, to large supermarket chains, retail chains, e-commerce sites, bouquet makers and floral wholesalers, make us experts in the field of floral distribution.


Customer satisfaction is our goal. Our personalized service tailors a true, farm direct floral program to meet your business appreciated by your customers.

Our customer representatives are hands-on and proactively respond to customer concerns and questions to guide them to speedy resolutions. We provide support from the moment the order is placed through to when your satisfied members receive their packages.


InBloom Group complies with the strictest international quality guidelines imposed by floral certifications worldwide, including but not limited to Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, Flor Verde and Flor de Ecuador.

We submit ourselves to these rigorously high standards because we expect our products to prove to be top caliber. Our ongoing work to reach new levels of quality embody the nature of our core values.

About Us

InBloom Group is a farm direct distributor and e-commerce supplier of fresh cut, bulk flowers as well as pre-made bouquets and consumer bunches.


Care and Handling

Your flowers have been shipped dry from farms in South America and may appear wilted. This is natural, for they have been without water for 24 hours and are very thirsty.



It is vital to our industry to align ourselves with farms that have been certified by Fairtrade, Flor Verde and the Rainforest Alliance.