About Our Products





Our international and domestic product catalogs grow everyday and thus the diversity of the availability is only subject to the vision for each program.  We offer year-round and seasonal items in order to provide our customers with a wide array of products for every application from simple to elaborate.

Our selection is vast, from florals, potted plants, DIY accessories and tools to edible products. 

Socially & Environmentally Sustainable


In accordance with our social and environmentally responsible practices, we carry various certifications such as but not limited to:  Fair Trade Certified™, The Rainforest Alliance Certified™, FlorEcuador as well as other certifications if required by our customers. 



We apply the 3Rs concept to our products – Reuse, Re purpose, Recreate

A rose is a rose everywhere, but if you take on the idea that this same rose is viewed by each person differently, it will lead you to create a multitude of product selections to meet many uses, tastes and ideas. This is applied to every product we cultivate, source and distribute.

Bringing the beauty of that flower to everyone whether it be one single flower given as a token of appreciation or thousands for an enormous event is what we strive for.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the simplest of details makes all the difference.

Special Promotions


With the diversity of our product catalog, we offer various promotional offerings.  These programs are catered to our customers needs.  Throughout the year there are times when there are special opportunities to promote certain items of which we pass on the benefit to our customers.  We have special calendars for everyday items and also have specific season product offerings as well.