Caring for your Blooms


Red bulk wholesale fresh cut Roses flowers

Our Roses are sustain-ably grown in South America. They will arrive packed in layers within each bunch. You must flip the bunch upside down to confirm the number of stems.  

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wholesale bulk green cut hydrangea flowers

Our Hydrangeas are sustain-ably grown in South America. These are very thirsty flowers and will require to be re-hydrating.  

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wholesale bulk fresh cut carnation flowers.

 Upon arrival, our carnations may appear to be dehydrated and thirsty.  Carnations arrive in a tight bloom cut state. This appearance will change once they have hydrated. 

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Mixed Bouquets

Mixed bouquet with gerbera daisys

Our Mixed Bouquets are sustain-ably grown in South America. They arrive fresh but will need to hydrate. Please use flower food and put them in water. 

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Orange Bulk Wholesale cut Lilies


Our Lilies are sustain-ably grown in South America. They arrived with closed blooms and may need up to 4 days to fully open up.  Hydrate them upon arrival.

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Fresh Fillers and greens

  Typically fillers and greens can last a month with proper care and handling (and sometimes longer).  Upon arrival, fill a clean bucket with at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water and place them in there. 

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